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If Not You Then Who: K-Town Speaks Up: One Year After the Leaked Recording (Public Panel)

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, K-Town Is Oaxacan Korean, also known as K-Town Is OK, brought together long-time and former residents of Koreatown into conversation. The panel, free and open to the public, was held just over a year after the public release of a private discussion between L.A. City Council Members Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon, and Federation of Labor leader Ron Herrera, in which they dismissed Korean-American residents of the area and ridiculed Oaxacan or Mexican-American members of the community as “short, dark people” and “feos (ugly).”

The panel discussion was held online and featured a line-up of guest speakers, culminating a year-long effort by Jimmy ‘J.T.’ Recinos and Helen H. Kim documenting Oaxacan-American, Korean-American and other voices in Koreatown through ktownisok.com and podcast, K-Town Is OK.

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